Mor Furniture - Styled Shoot - Miami Dining Set

Updated: Sep 29

When Mor Furniture reached out to me and asked me to style two different sets I was so incredibly excited! I had never worked in a studio before and I have never been professionally photographed in this type of setting. Needless to say, it was a new adventure, but I was ready for it!

They sent me the Miami Dining Set in White and I instantly started coming up with a design in my head. I was given the choice to use all Mor Furniture furniture and accessories or bring anything else that I wanted, the focal point was just to be the dining set. I chose to use all their furniture, but I brought in my own accessories. They had really great accent pieces and after four laps around the showroom, I knew what I wanted to add.

Mor Furniture Accent Pieces

+ Aurora Console Table

+ Aden Area Rug

The studio is set up with two white walls and a white floor. Anytime you see an ad or a commercial, this is where it is created! Because it is so white, and the Miami Dining Set is white, I wanted to add in darker pieces to give it a nice contrast. I chose to use the Aurora Console Table because I love the two tones and I thought the gray tied in nicely with the upholstery on the chairs and bench. I also added in the Aden Rug which has some darker tones. I felt that the main piece, being the Miami Dining Set, and the other two accent pieces all worked really well together without being overwhelming.

I was able to bring in accessories of my choosing. I always like a console table to be styled symmetrically so I put one lamp on each side of the console table. In addition, I placed a bowl with greenery in it. Adding any kind of greenery is always a good idea because it adds a new texture and a little bit of color, but it still looks natural. I also added a cookbook with some candle sticks and some coasters that tie into the place mats on the table. The table is such a great size because you can fit six place settings, but if a seventh person is needed, it is doable with the bench. I love to create table scapes, but I never want to over-do it. I set six place settings, each including one placemat, on plate, and one napkin. The eye if often times drawn to the centerpiece in a dining room so I really wanted this one to be simple, yet pretty. I set a tray in the center and decorated it with an orchid and two vases, one of which had stems. The different heights is very important in a centerpiece and I love how these all came together!

I always finish off the space with art! Art is very important because it can make or break a space. I chose to use one accent canvas piece that was hung over the console table, as well as two more subtle pieces that are gold metal and hung side by side. They are cohesive to each other and are simple, but give so much life to the dining room. Lastly, I added a fiddle tree. Greenery warms up a space, and if it's faux, you never have to water it!

The Miami Dining Set in White is a staple piece of furniture. It great for hosting and even has lots of storage underneath for extra dining accessories or utensils. Mor Furniture is having their Black Friday Sale so run, don't walk, into the showroom or shop online and check out the Miami Dining Set! It comes in different configurations and colors, too! Also, shop their sale for up to 40% off on select items!

Thank you, Mor Furniture, for a great styling experience!

Other decor used for styling...

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