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full service design

Full service design is intended for clients who are wanting to renovate their space, whether that be the kitchen, bathroom or adding a new space into your home. Style It Studio will be there to oversee the entire project. We will come up with a complete design plan and then work with the contractors and vendors directly to ensure the entirety of the project is being taken care of according to plan. When the renovation is complete, we will furnish it completely so that it truly becomes your unique space.

furnish design

Do you love your space, but just need some help finishing it off? We will take your current space and add finishing touches to really elevate the design. Your space might just be missing a few elements that will really capture its true potential. You don't always have to have a big remodel and move walls. Other design details can make just as big an impact and give you the space you always wanted. This option is perfect for a home that needs a little bit of work and a lot of love. We will design your space and work directly with the contractors to execute our plan. When your design is complete, we will finish it by adding furnishings and accessories. 

style design

Style design is intended for clients who just need to simply style their space. We will provide a design plan that includes accessories, light furniture and art. This option is intended for clients who already have furniture they love and a completed space. After adding some personal touches, your home will feel like yours and you can relax and enjoy it. Don't live somewhere that doesn't feel like yours! 

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