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Picking the Correct Rug Size for a Bedroom

Picking a rug is a big decision because it takes up a large part of the room and can easily change the design. There is a wrong size rug to pick, but below are different bed sizes with two different rug sizes that could work. What we want to avoid is picking something too small. We don't want the rug to just barely be showing or feel like a small island under your bed. Can you pick a rug that's too big? Of course! But I think when it comes to picking a rug that's too big, that's more because of the size of the room as opposed to the size of the furniture.

Twin Size Bed Rug Sizes

Twin beds are narrow and long so we can get away with smaller rugs. 5x8 and 9x6 rugs are two great options for this size bed. They are both large enough that you can see the rug all around the exterior of the bed and that's something to look for when picking out a rug for the bedroom. Which size you pick is a person preference. If you want to see more rug and have it act as a statement piece and a larger part of the decor, then go with the bigger rug. If you just want a simple rug that keeps your feet cozy in the morning, the 5x8 might be the size for you.

Queen Size Bed Rug Sizes

You'll want to go a bit bigger for a queen bed because it's larger both in length and width. Again, it's all personal preference depending on how much rug you want to see, but both of these options would be great sizes for a queen size bed. The 8x10 has more room at the end of the bed, so if you have a bench, accent chairs or other furniture, you will still have room to have the rug showing. The 8x10 would also better line up with nightstands.

King Size Bed Rug Sizes

There are multiple size king beds to choose from (eastern king, California king, etc), but we have a standard king shown in the diagram above. You'll want to go big with a king bed. They are huge beds, so we'll want a huge rug to accent it so that it does not feel miniature. The minimum size we suggest is an 8x10. There is enough room around the exterior of the bed and it still feels significant. The 9x12 is a perfect size. It has plenty of room, but does not overwhelm the bed. There's still enough room at the end of the bed for both these sizes to add furniture. There is always the option to go bigger like a 10x14, but the bedroom would have to be a substantial size.

We love a rug moment and there are so many options out there that can help. tie your space together and make it feel cozy. We hope this helps you determine what size rug you need and makes it a little bit less overwhelming and one less thing to think about!

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