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Full Service Design

Full service design is for clients who are remodeling and renovating their space. Style It Studio will manage all aspects of the design process from the  consultation to purchasing and construction meetings. Design concepts will be provided, as well as 3D models, and the fulfillment of all products and materials. 

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Single Room Design

Single room design is intended for clients who have a home they love, but need help purchasing furniture and styling a room to make it functional and livable for them. Style It Studio works with vendors to provide furniture and accessories that are comfortable and stylish. All purchasing and order fulfillments will be taken care of Style It Studio. 

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Accessories Only

Style It Studio's accessory only designs are intended for clients who just need some helping tying their space together. Accent furniture may be included in this package, but it will mainly be accessories and art to complete the client's space. All accessories can be purchased and fulfilled by Style It Studio. 

Step 1


We will have our initial meeting so that we can fully understand the service that you chose along with your expectations of the project. We will talk about your needs and functions of the space that you want to design and how we will make that happen for you. 

Step 2

Design Concepts

The design concepts meeting is where we will dive into what you want your finished space to look like. We will look at inspiration photos, Pinterest boards, color palettes, and more to get on track to bringing your vision to life. We will discuss budget and timeline and all the ins and outs of how we will give you the space of your dreams.  

Step 3


Once the design boards have been approved, we will get down to the nitty gritty of ordering materials, furniture, and accessories. We will be in charge of handling all order processing, shipping, and receiving. Style It Studio want the process to be as seamless as possible and for you to just enjoy designing your home. 

Step 4


Once all the materials have been received by Style It Studio, we will put the designs into action and install. Construction will take place as needed, but the installation of furniture and accessories will happen all on one day so that there is no waiting to use your new space!