Mor Furniture - Styled Shoot - Rachel Sofa + Love Seat

Updated: Sep 29

Working with Mor Furniture was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had as an interior designer and interior stylist. I had never done anything like it before and it gave me an opportunity to use my skills in a completely different way.

Using the Mor Furniture studio to style this set was really neat! Their team was amazing and ready to help with anything I needed. This is where they store all of their accessories so it was really awesome to see the behind the scenes!

As you read last week, I styled the Miami Dining Set in White, BUT I was fortunate enough to also style a living room set! Let's check it out!

I was given the Rachel Sofa + Love Seat, in the color Hedgey Pepper, to style. Hedgey Pepper is a really pretty gray color with texture and lots of dimension. I am a neutrals girl, so I was happy to work with a gray sofa! I was able to choose any accent furniture from around the showroom to bring into the space, or I was able to bring any furniture and accessories that were my own. I ended up using all furniture from Mor Furniture because I liked the cohesive look that it had.

I started brainstorming and figuring out exactly what I wanted as far as accent pieces. I wanted to frame out the living room, but keep it an open concept space at the same time. I took about four laps around the showroom and ended up finding some really great pieces to add. My list includes...

+Jakob Accent Ottoman

+Decor Coffee Table

+Bay Creek End Table

+Aden Area Rug

+Skyy Media Console Table

They also have really great accessories at Mor Furniture, but ultimately I decided to use my own to add my own style into the space. The pillows were important because I wanted them to accent the Rachel Sofa and Love Seat, but not overwhelm them. I chose all different white pillows. Simple, but beautiful! On the coffee table I chose to add florals and greenery because they soften up the space, but I also added a bowl, a book, and a candle. These items are staples for me when accessorizing a coffee table. On console tables, I really love keeping things symmetrical, as well as adding lots of different heights. In this case, I used two matching candle sticks which are fairly tall, and on the opposite end, I used a vase and a plant. It looked like it was missing something, so I added one last item in the center. To finish it off, I hung a beautiful piece of art and it perfectly brought the whole space together!

All of the additional furniture that I chose are great pieces and they all came for More Furniture! The coffee table is often times the focal point in a room, so I made sure to pick a size that fit well with the sofa and love seat. It is round, which I prefer, because it adds a different shape to break up the space a bit. The ottomans are really great sizes, too, and they add extra seating without it looking like there is too much furniture. They are also so comfortable! I love the console table that was chosen for this space because it adds just a little bit of color, but it is subtle and not outstanding. I used a side table that was the perfect height for the sofas and finished it off with a lamp.

Overall, I had so much fun styling the Rachel Sofa + Love Seat and am so happy with how the space turned out. Working with Mor Furniture was easy and fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Other decor used for styling...

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