Our Kitchen Remodel!

Updated: Sep 29

The kitchen is typically the heart of the home, but even if you don't cook, everyone sees it when they come over! Our kitchen was outdated, very brown, and needed a little bit of TLC.

Before After

The layout worked well, but there were some things that needed to be changed. For example, the pantry needed to be bigger. We solved this problem by moving the refrigerator over a few inches and adding a second door. The drawers are now pull outs, so it's not only pretty, but it's very functional!

Since the refrigerator was moved, it cut into the microwave space. It was a traditional wall microwave so it was easy to remove. It was updated to a drawer microwave and was relocated to the island.

One of the other big problems in the kitchen, which REALLY needing fixing, were the corner cabinets. They were very deep, but they went all the way back to the wall so it was very hard to get stuff out of them. They had things back there that we only used on special occasions and things we didn't even know we had! We solved that problem by adding lazy Susan's. These are practical, can store a lot of things, and are just plain cool! The upper cabinets had the same problem, so we added diagonal wall cabinets. It's so much easier to see what we have in there!

A cosmetic change we wanted to make was the the sink. We had an under mount sink, but upgraded to an apron front. It looks great and it's a double basin for washing on the right and drying on the left!

Everything else added to the kitchen is the same layout as it was before. It's now a white, light, clean, and functional kitchen that we are so excited to host and cook in!

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