Guest Bathroom Remodel

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When your bathroom is 22 years old and needs to be updated, you do a full on remodel, right? This project was so much fun and the transformation is incredible!

What started out as an outdated guest bathroom, which all guests see when they come over, it became a fresh, new, pretty, and serene bathroom that when you walk in, you say "wow!".

Because this family lives in San Diego, they wanted to play off the blues of the ocean and really pay attention to the natural beauty of their city. We did so by adding a really unique backsplash behind the sink. It also doubles as the backsplash for the niche in the shower to tie the two together. The shower used to be the basic, white, 4"x4" tiles with a tub, but we upgraded it to have beautiful 12'x24' ceramic tiles, which have waves in it, just like the ocean, and a really pretty pebble shower floor. The grout color is a natural beige, which adds the sand element to the space.

Before After

The floor is something that was very important to them because whatever they picked out, they were eventually going to add on to the first floor of their home. I directed them towards a luxury vinyl plank (LVP) because it is water resistant, pet and kid friendly, and is one of the most durable floors on the market. It perfectly ties into the theme of this space because it has the natural colors of sand. It also has lots of dimension and texture which always looks gorgeous on a floor, and makes it look more like real wood.

They decided to take out the wall that was separating the sink and shower. By keeping a pony wall but taking everything else out, it opened up the bathroom so much and it really looks like a much bigger bathroom and allows more natural light. They also decided to take out the bathtub, which is how they added the pebble floor. This also helped make the bathroom look larger and more seamless. They do have an upstairs bathroom with a bathtub, so for resale value, taking out one tub while keeping the other would still benefit them.

We chose to use brushed nickel as the main finish because that's what they have throughout their house on all the door knobs and in the other bathrooms. They wanted to keep it the same throughout and it is very subtle so it doesn't take away from the other materials. The hardware on the cabinets is black because we wanted to give it some contrast with the white.

Once all the materials were put into place, it was ready to be styled! Keeping with the beach theme, we found a really neat framed photo that's a bird's eye view of the beach. We hung that above the toilet because when walking down the hallway, that's what you see. The other side has a pretty towel rack with navy blue, textured towels that are really fun and different. Above the towels, we added another natural element, flowers. We kept that wall simple, but there's always room to add, if wanted, in the future.

The vanity is such a fun part of style. We finished off the look with a tray that has a soap dispenser, some greenery, and of course, a candle placed on top of it. The tray really helps keep it all together, but putting things in threes is a good rule in design to always follow. Also, if you're having trouble with an item to add, greenery always does the trick! On the other side of the vanity we added a tall vase with some white flowers to give it a touch of softness.

Overall, this bathrooms transformation was huge and turned out exactly how they imagined it!

If you have a bathroom that you want remodeled or styled, reach out to McKenna at or go to the CONTACT page and send her a message!

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