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How does it work? 

phase 1:

You will start by filling out your questionnaire so that I can get an idea your style, wants and needs. We will start with a mood board and you can give feedback on what you like / don't like. Once the mood board is finalized, we will move on to phase 2.

phase 2:

This will include a concept board for items that I would suggest for the space. You will be given a floor plan and elevations and a source list for all the items. You will provide feedback at this time and revisions will be made. You will receive your final floor plan and concept board and your design will be complete. 

*Please note that if you chose the accessory package, there will be no mood boards.

What is the difference between a mood board and a concept board?

mood board:

A curated small amount of items that you like so that I can get a better idea of your style. When I see your mood board, I know what to look for when sourcing items. 

concept board:

Include items that I suggest for your space and will include a source list and floor plan.

How will we communicate?

We will communicate via email unless a phone call or FaceTime is needed.

How long does the e-design process take?

The timeline is determined by communication, but typically between 2-4 weeks. Once the design is complete, you can order and execute the design whenever you decide. 

How do I make payments?

Payments will be made through a safe online invoicing service. We also accept Venmo.

Do you work with clients outside of the U.S.?

At this time, we are only taking client in the U.S.

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